Specialized care for those facing life-limitingillness

Why choose Lumicare?

Lumicare Hospice honors life.  Our team endeavors to provide the best day possible every day for those we serve.  Lumicare brings an experienced perspective for end of life care, and we understand the vital importance of focusing on the holistic safety, comfort, and dignity of those we serve.  We care for you wherever you call home and provide full care services when curative treatments and hospitalizations are no longer part of your goals.

Lumicare hospice

To our patients, families and community partners...

We are driven by this guiding question: How does this affect our patient and their care?


Excellence is our goal

Our main focus will always be honoring and protecting our patient’s wishes about how and where they want to live and die. The patients and families we serve are always in the driver’s seat of their care. Our team brings compassionate expertise alongside those we serve to help them make informed decisions at every step of the journey.

Caring for your loved one is our highest priority.

Involving the team from Lumicare early in the diagnosis process can help aid family and patient when making tough decisions, we are here to assist you and have your best interests in mind.

Lumicare hospice